New version 7 calendar month/year selector


I have just updated one app from Framework 6 to 7 and the new calendar month/year picker is giving me several problems.

First, now to select a year you have to scroll to it and then tap on the backdrop to actually choose the year? Nothing happens if you tap on the year number itself. How is the user supposed to know that you have to tap on the backdrop to close the picker and select the year?

The picker is also not really friendly in the Aurora theme, those kind of pickers works well with a touch screen, not with a mouse.

Second, there is a bug with the scroll, sometimes when you try to scroll a scroll bar appears instead of scrolling the year number. Here it can be seen:

Kapture 2022-10-05 at 17.27.03

Is there any way to change the behavior to be like the old one? It was faster and gave fewer problems. I cannot find the option on the docs.


since toolbar is false, toolbarCloseText is not rendered.
probably vladimir mark it as false because it is an inline-picker (inside popover => yearPickerPopover)

with mouse you should just scroll, not click-hold-scroll.

this should fix it:

.calendar-year-picker {
  overflow: unset;