[News] Adobe PhoneGap falls between the cracks thanks to new Apple requirements, developers fume

Bad news for phonegap developers depending on phonegap build:

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Thanks for sharing.
Had this issue two days ago. I build my app using Cordova and it works fine. No UIwebview warning. Used cordova-ios 5.1.1

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Yeah, but you need a Mac to compile, and have all XCode/SDKs (e.g. Android SDK) installed… PhoneGap was such a great help, especially that I always used the free service via pgb-cli command line interface, and by issuing a single command, I would get IPA/APK packages.

yes, you need a mac.
but i use vmware. just installed catalina with last xcode.

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Well, I have tried that a while ago. I also tried to set it up using virtual box, but it was not that stable. I may try vmware again, though in my last project I decided to switch to PWA for iOS users.

You can rent Mac capacity in the cloud from https://www.macstadium.com/

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Yeah, thanks! Anyone knows an alternative to PhoneGap (i.e. Cordova + cloud)?

never used it. So i dont know how it works.

cordova doc:

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I’ll check that! Thank you!

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any workaround will always be a workaround
and eventually will be blocked by apple

our only chance is to go native
that’s what i do in the last couple of months

swift => ios
java => android

i’ve got to maintain my old project
so i’m still using this awesome framework
but i’m sure that one day apple will kill it
there is nothing we can do

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That’s why I went PWA for my last project! No Apple, no App store, no $99 developer license! Of course, not always an option…

Apple isn’t blocking HTML5 apps. In fact their latest developer guidelines email mentioned HTML5 specifically. You’ve got nothing to worry about in regard to Apple going wholly native and nothing else.


Вы путаете понятия, под HTML5 в гайдах Apple имеется ввиду открытие сайта через WebView.

I think what Apple is basically saying is make sure your app’s features are included in the binary, and not entirely downloaded from the Internet. In short, make your app still functional in an offline scenario, regardless of what you compile it with.

i will never encourage you guys not to use f7
afterwards is the best framework in town and will always be

we all know apple
they can change their guidelines at any time
and they will
they always do
don’t be surprised

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