No styles with PhoneGap

Hello! Vladimir! Thank you so much for framework7!

  1. installed PhoneGap
  2. created framework7 template
  3. opened index.html in the editor and after

    Page content goes here </ p> inserted a piece of code from docs

<div class = "block block-strong">
       <p> Lorem <label class = "radio"> <input type = "radio" name = "demo-radio-inline"> <i class = "icon-radio"> </ i> </ label> ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Alias beatae illo nihil aut eius commodi sint eveniet aliquid eligendi <label class = "radio"> <input type = radio "name =" demo-radio-inline "> <i class =" icon-radio "> </ i> </ label> ad delectus impedit tempore nemo, enim vel praesentium consequatur nulla mollitia! </ p>
    </ div>
  1. I look in the browser / phone and for the place of beauty - I see it:

console in browser:

Error: exec proxy not found for :: StatusBar :: _ready
Device is ready!

Что я делаю не так? Ой… What am I doing wrong?

help me, please! help me, please!

Looks like issue is somewhere on Phonegap side, this error message

Error: exec proxy not found for :: StatusBar :: _ready

doesn’t come from Framework7