Odd popup behaviour

I have a number of popups bound to map icons; when the user taps an icon there is a popup with more details etc.
Some of the larger popups do not move the map when tapped so top part of popup is out-of-view - BUT if the same popup is closed and tapped again, the map scrolls so all the popup is visible…
How can I ensure that the scrolling happens on the first (and every) tap?

It almost impossible to say where is the issue without looking at live example with the issue or some related code at least

The code for the popups that always move is like this (one for each marker on map):

    L.marker([51.681576, -1.668427], {icon: markerLock, zIndexOffset: -100}).addTo(map)
			.bindPopup("<b>Buscot Lock**</b><br /> <h3>Lock Details:</h3><li><strong>Lock Name: </strong>Buscot</li><li><strong>Telephone: </strong>+44 1367 252 434</li><li><strong>Post Code: </strong>SN7 8DA</li><li><strong>Lock Drop: </strong>1.69 m (5.5 ft)</li><li><strong>Lock Width: </strong>4.47  m (14.8  ft)</li><li><strong>Lock Length: </strong>33.47  m (109.1  ft)</li><li><strong>Lock Operation: </strong>Manual</li><li><strong>Lock Facilities: </strong>WC | S</li><li><strong>Lock Operator's hours: </strong>None (DIY all year)</li><li>For facilities and hours codes click &#9776;</li><li>**One of the EA 'Top 10 Priority' locks</li><p>Buscot Lock is the smallest of the 45 locks on the Thames. The manual beam-equipped pound lock was built in 1790, although today it looks just as it did more than 200 years ago</p>");	

The code for teh popup that do not move the first time they are tapped is like this:

    	var hobbsyard = L.marker([51.53536, -0.89942], {icon: boatyardh}).addTo(yardsGroup)
			.bindPopup("<img src='images/ads/hobbs-logo.png' width='240' align='middle'/><br /><h4>Hobbs 0f Henley</h4><br/><img src='images/ads/hobbs-1.jpg' width='240' align='middle'/><br />Facilities: PO | W | P | D</b><br /><div><a href='tel:+441491572035 ' class='external'>Telephone:  01491572035</a><br/><li>Public river cruises</li><li>Private and corporate events</li><li>Self drive boats for hire </li><li>Boat storage</li><li>Boat servicing and repairs</li><li>Henley Royal Regatta trips and river taxis</li><li>Rewind Festival river taxis</li><li>Henley Boat Club</li><li>Serving Thames boaters since 1870</li><br/><a href='#' class='link popup-open show-webemail-button' data-popup='.popup-hobbs-web'>Web site</a>&nbsp;<a href='#' data-popup='.popup-hobbs-email' class='link popup-open show-webemail-button'>Email</a> <br/><br/><img src='images/ads/hobbs-2.jpg' width='240' align='middle'/><br/></a><br/><img src='css/logos/bmflogo-proud.png' width='150' align='middle'/>");


Oh, you mean native Google Maps’s popups, then it is hard to say, looks like related to google maps itself. Maybe also related to images inside as their size is unknown at first time. Try to set height attribute on images as well

I’m using OSM and LefletJS.
Will try setting image size and see if that works
many thanks

Adding the height to each image solved the problem - many, many thanks for pointing me in that direction…