One Click Smart Select

Hi guys,

I am planning to use Smart Select, the “default setup” as in V2 doc examples. To select an item, at least 2 clicks are needed: the first to choose an item, the second to close the popup / go back to prev page. (I’m speaking about single item selection - radios not checkboxes.) 2 clicks also needed for “open in sheet” setup.

On my smart phone (Android), the same is done with just one click: popup with radios is automatically closed on select. Can we also have one click selection in F7 V2 ? I think it’s important, why make users do an extra work?

P.S. As an alternative, plain select might be used - as it gives one click selection - but it looks inappropriate to me (its dropdown list looks not mobile style).


If enabled then smart select will be automatically closed after user selectes any option

Doesn’t it work?

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Oops! Things were better than they seemed!
As they say, read the doc first!