Open a page directly from the browser url


I have a thirdparty loginscreen that will be redirected to a configuarable url on success together with an token specified in the url. for instance:

So when my app starts I will show a screen with my logo and a button. This button will send the app to the loginscreen. When I login I want to be routed to a page in my app where I can examine the url and get the token from the url.

Does anybody have an idea how to achieve this?




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Hi All,

I looked around but the only thing I can think off is:
- make a custom webpage with a logon button.
- after logon redirect to a second custom page.
- store the key in local storage and redirect to the framework 7 app

Anybody a better idea?



If by app you mean a F7 web app, you can just check initial URL which is in document.location.href and based on this open/load required page in F7

Sorry, Vladimir for my late anwser, this will give me the base url but if i want to open directly baseurl/availability/ than this gives me a 404

This is in my routes and works internally in the app:


    path: '/availability/',

    component: Availability,

    options: {

        animate: false,


    keepAlive: true