Open dialog over a popup

heya vladimir!

i have a delicat issue. my password-change function is opened in a popup. when the user enters wrong credentials, i show another dialog. by opening this error information dialog, the password-change popup closes.

is there a way to keep the popup below open, when opening the error information dialog?

FW7 + FW7 Vue, version : 2.3.1

I didn’t get what you use Popup or Dialog? If Dialog, then it is not possible to have more than once opened at a time

i have a settings view. this view is opened in a popup. in this view the user is supposed to change his credentials. when the existing credentials are incorrect, a warning is supposed to appear, which is displayed via dialog. but as soon as this dialog opens, the popup with the settings menu closes automatically.

sorry i described it wrong first and edited the question after.

  • view (application with settings icon)
    • popup (settings)
      • opens dialog (warning)

thanks for your feedback!

Looks like problem could be on your side. Dialog won’t close any existing type of modals except other Dialog.