Open link externally is system browser

My project is [V2] vue, i have
<a :href="files.book1.url" target="_blank" class="uploadimg" v-if="files.book1.file">{{bookdata.title + '.pdf'}}</a>

this will be result as
<a href=";token=4cd66451-7781-4117-9484-ea1b0ca5438f" target="_blank" class="uploadimg">New Book1.pdf</a>

files.book1.url is generated based the selected book, i want to let the user download it, so open in system browser will do that, but f7 does not let me open it externally,
how can make this open in system browser ?

Add the class ‘external’ to the link.


thanks, let me try that

Also try to install cordova-plugin-inappbrowser and set link’s target to _system


class external did the job :smile:

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