Open page inside popup

I need to put routable pages inside popup, but when I do that, page is opened behind popover and I need page to be opened inside popup - see image below.
How to load page inside popup, please?

did you add new view inside the popup ?

I think so, here is my popup code:

<!-- Popup -->
<div class="popup" id="my-popup">
  <div class="view">
    <div class="page">
      <div class="navbar">
        <div class="navbar-inner">
          <div class="title">Popup</div>
          <div class="right">
            <a href="#" class="link popup-close">Close</a>
      <div class="page-content">
        <div class="block">
          <div class="block-title">Left View Navigation</div>
          <div class="list">
              <li><a href="/left-page-a/" class="item-link item-content"><div class="item-inner"><div class="item-title">Popup Left1</div><div class="item-after">1</div></div></a></li>
              <li><a href="/left-page-b/" class="item-link item-content"><div class="item-inner"><div class="item-title">Popup Left2</div><div class="item-after">2</div></div></a>

within documentation you need to add a class as a flag to the view you are targeting append flaged-class-name as class to the div.view and within a href tag add data-view=".flaged-class-name" .

OK thank you so much, will try it.

And you need to initialize View inside of Popup with app.views.create(...) if you want to have navigation inside of Popup