Open Tab View with URL via link

I would like to open View with url via link.
< !-- will load “another-page” to left view – >
< a href="/another-page/" data-view=".view-left" >Another Page< /a >

This will load URL to the view but it doesn’t switch to Tab view.
How to set that link will also switch view? Thank you for help!

Can you tell what exactly you want to do ? switch view you mean change main page ? can you send some screenshot please

Add tab-link class to this link and specify it in data tab:

<a href="/another-page/" data-view=".view-left" class="tab-link" data-tab="#view-left">Another Page</a>

Hi Vladimir,

I love your work.
Your suggestion didn’t work. I try to put these links into template with tabs to index file:

<li><a href="/about/" data-view="#view-settings" class="tab-link" data-tab=
"#view-settings">Switch the tab but doesn't load the page and old tab is highlighted</a></li>
<li><a href="/about/" data-view="#view-settings">Load page into "settings" tab but doesn't switch the

Basically I would like to load with simple link URL from tab “A” into tab “B” and activate/open tab.
In my project I do that via JavaScript but maybe there is easy way already integrated in your Framework7.

Can you setup a simple JSFiddle with the issue or maybe you have a live link with the app/example illustrating issue?

Hi there,

has this been resolved as I am experiencing the same issue.