Opening a Page in other view

I used the “tabbar template” for my project .
Each tab corresponds a certain “view”. Let’s say About view & Setting view…
In About view, i put click that Should open in Setting view.
Setting tab in tabbar must be “active” too.

How to do that?

Hi seanschmidt
You want the link in the About view to show the Settings tab view
If so your link to show the Settings tab should look like so

//assuming you have the id "settings" on the settings view
<div id="settings" class="view view-init tab">
       // settings content here
// link to show settings tab on the About tab content
<a href="#settings" class="tab-link no-ripple">Show settings tab</a>

I hope that’s it , Let me know if it wasn’t what you meant cause I didn’t understand the question very well :grin::grin: