Page bugs on scroll at top and bottom

Hi there, awesome framework!

I started an app with the “Tab-Template” and habe 4 tabs with pages exactly like in the template. Two tab pages have little bit longer content, so you can scroll about two times the device height on that page, nothing fancy. When I scroll to the very top of the page FAST, there is a brief moment where the whole pages jumps down and up and then the overscroll animation finishes.

This is happening by scrolling to the bottom fast, too.

This problem only occurs on iOS.

What can I do? Thanks in advance!

If it is a web app then it is fine, it is native iOS behavior. If it is a Cordova then create project with Framework7 CLI, it is solved there

Is there a difference in the code when installing manual and from the Framework7 CLI? The scroll error (lags / jumps a brief moment when scrolling to top) happens only on my own coded pages, not the original Template pages