Page.route.params problem when dot at the end of params

Will not navigate when params has dot (.) at the end.
Any suggestions?

var alt1 = ‘test.’; // not working
var alt2 = ‘’; // works
var alt3 = ‘.test’; // works
var alt4 = ‘test’; // works

name: ‘myname’,
params: {
spillID: spillID,
alt1: alt1,
alt2: alt2,
alt3: alt3,
alt4: alt4,
totalas: totalas

I tried to search for this and found this solution, but it will not help me:

Try to use encodeURIComponent

var alt1 = encodeURIComponent(‘test.’);

and on another side you will need to use decodeURIComponent

I tried it now but got the same problem :frowning: