Page transition with reloadAll?

Hello. I want to use transition with reloadAll.

Why reloadAll? because i dont want Previous Page in my dom list. all other settings create prev page and remove in dom this causes security and performance problems in my app.

I think of starting animation before changing the page and then changing the page later but there must be an easy way

My App view and routes settings here;

  view: {
    iosDynamicNavbar: false,
    xhrCache: false,
    pushState: true,
	preloadPreviousPage: false,
  routes: [
	  name: 'app',
      path: '/',
      url: 'app.html',
      options: {
       transition: 'f7-dive',
	   reloadAll: true,
	   ignoreCache: true,
There is a clearPreviousHistory parameter

previous pages history will be cleared after reloading/navigate to the specified route

<a href="/somepage/" data-clear-previous-history="true">Some Page</a>

Or use router method after you navigated to required page:


to remove previous pages