Pages, navigation and animations

I’m currently working on a Cordova project and I get in trouble with the operation of “framework7” and its philosophy.

The purpose of the app is - I think - simple :

  • Login form → and (subscribe form)
  • List of x elements
  • Details of an element

For now, I’ve only one view and multiple routes (pages loaded by componentUrl) described in the “app”.
When I press on an element, the page is correctly showed, but the animation is a little bit strange (IMO).
The page is fixed from the bottom, and I think it should be more “logical” that the page came from the “right”.

I tried to set to true “stackPages” and “browserHistory” (in the view definition).
In the same time, I’m trying to do a “swipe back”, but no effect.

I’m pretty sure I don’t understand something at the views and page level, but couldn’t find what it is.


Pages animation from the right to left used only in iOS theme, in MD theme page comes from bottom which is kind of natural for Android users

Super !
Is there a solution to activate this feature on android ?
Should I just put “true” to “mdSwipeBack” ?


You can: