Panel-backdrop staying visible after closing panel - iOS 9

It looks like the panel-backdrop is staying as “display: block” after closing the side panel on iOS 9. Trying to resolve in Cordova, but also happening on the kitchen sink in Safari. Looks like the panel closed events aren’t firing either, e.g.

app.on(‘panelClosed’, function (panel) {
console.log(‘panel closed’);

… does not fire on iOS 9 (tested on iOS 9.3.5 on iPad 3rd gen). Works fine on iOS 10+

This is causing the page to appear unresponsive after the panel has been opened and then closed.

Thanks for your help and insight!

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Framework7 v4-5 support iOS>=10

Ah ok - I looked for a minimum supported version statement in the documentation, but couldn’t see one. Can you confirm the minimum Android supported version?

for Android >=5 ____

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