Panel box shadow rendering issue


I’ve noticed what I think might be a rendering bug. I have a main view, and a “reveal” panel on the right. If I tap the icon on the navbar to show the panel, I notice that the box shadow doesn’t get applied until after the sliding animation is complete. Not a huge deal if showing the panel by pressing a button, BUT…

I also have the option set to swipe my finger across the screen to show the panel. If I do that, and I release my finger past the threshold of where it will open the rest of the way when I release my finger, the drop shadow zips from the side of the screen when I release my finger, I think before the animation is even complete.

Ideally, the box shadow would already be applied to the main view before the animations begin.

Anyway, I recorded my screen, demonstrating the issue.

F7 panel box shadow problem - YouTube

Edit: As a side note, found out it’s not a box shadow at all. But… I added this CSS for the moment, though I’m not sure if it’ll have any negative effects, as I’m still in the infancy of my project. We’ll see.

.panel-right.panel-reveal:after {
background: unset;

box-shadow: 6px 0px 6px #ccc;