Panel Icon - how to change

I want to replace the menu icon that is the default with a panel - scoured the F7 Doscs and forum but cannot find a solution.
Grateful for the code needed

Which icon do you mean? An icon isn’t required to open/close a panel, you can attach the code to any element.

I mean the ‘menu’ icon that appears in the nav bar.

Please show us your code. That would make things easier to help you.

The Framework7 Icons Font allows you to use many great icons in your project. It isn’t included within F7 by default, but can be downloaded from here:

Then to apply an icon, specify the name of the icon within an i tag:

<i class="f7-icons">house</i>

More details available here:

The issue is not with the F7 icons (I am already using them) but with the menus bars that are the default in the nav bar when Ising panels - the left panel is opened by clicking the menu bars but I want to use a different icon - adding the puts the new icon at the top of the panel NOT in the nav bar - see screen grab
Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 12.31.05

Actually the issue was me being stupid! It is now doing as I wish…