Panel side, how open it from link without animation?

Hi, I want to open a panel side (rigth, and componentUrl) from link (href=’/panel-side/’) without animation, because this open to slow on web view android. also i want a proper way to close this panel without animation.

Thanks in advance

Add data-animate="false" to your link.

<a href="#" class="link icon-only panel-open" data-panel="right" data-animate="false">

In general data-<parameter name> can be used to set/pass parameters.

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Thanks for de response.
I have a panel like a component (Routable Panels) and I call it with href like:

<a href="/panel-menu/" class="link icon-only">
                        <i class="icon f7-icons color-white md-only">bars</i>
                        <span class="ios-only">Menu</span>

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using data-panel and data-animate don’t work, even panel not open.
using only data-animate on link, panel keep open animated.

Pd. sorry for my bad english.

Sorry, I didn’t read your question carefully enough.

Since you are using a component, it should be possible to add animate: false as options property under path: '/panel-menu/'in your routing file.

Hi, Thanks for the response.
I tried animate: false in routes file, but don’t work… well the client understand and he accept the slow animation, so, it’s not necessary now. Thank You.

You are welcome.
Still, it remains strange because I tested it successfully in my own code before I sent my previous reply. If you want to proceed at a later moment, you need to share more code.

That wont help, you need to disable the shadow, that’s is so far the most proven way… Android is shitty, it is damn slow with shadows… Do this in your css, it will help: Keep things simple, don’t use a separate link…

if it is left, this removes the shadow and it improves performance…

.panel-left {
 box-shadow: none !important;