Pass States through View- ReactJS

I am running into a problem where the when passing states from the App.jsx to the View as seen below:

    url='/loading_page/' />

As seen above i am passing LoadingTest to View and its base page the loading_page. The issue rises when the value in the parent (ie. app.jsx) is updated it triggers the componentDidUpdate in the child class as shown below:

constructor(props) {


        this.state = {
            loadingTest: props.f7router.params.loadingTest

    componentDidUpdate(prevProps) {
        console.log(prevProps.f7router.params.loadingTest, this.props.f7router.params.loadingTest);
        if (prevProps.f7router.params.loadingTest!== this.props.f7router.params.loadingTest) {
            this.setState({ loadingTest: this.props.f7router.params.loadingTest});

The function is called but both the previous and new props both have the same values and nothing has changed why is that the case and why is it being triggered if the updated value is not changing?

Any help would be much appreciated,
Thank you,

Any help would be great. I have scoured the internet for solutions but I cant find any reason as to why the componentDidUpdate is called but the previous and new props are the same? why is it being called then, if nothing has changed except them?