Passing data to popup (React+Framework7)

I’m currently using Meteor+react

My problem is I have two components

  1. HomePage
  2. PopupPage

in HomePage
const hello = {
title: “Popup page”,

1.                  <Link
2.                  onClick={() =>
3.                      this.$f7router.navigate("/popup/", {
4.                           context: { title: "this is title from context" }
5.                      }) }
6.                       popupOpen="#openPopupId"
7.                       routeProps={hello}
8.                     >
9.                       Popup
10.         </Link>

I’m trying to send data via routeProps and accessing in PopupPage Component

List item

in PopupPage
I tried to print the title
It’s not getting printed (even though it’s there is props)

and also if anyone know how to create routable popups, Please let me know.

Please help me out this.

Thank you.

There is no sense to pass routeProps if you use own navigate method, then it should be:

this.$f7router.navigate("/popup/", {
  context: { title: "this is title from context" },
  props: hello,

routeProps and your suggestion works fine… I am getting passed data in popup component… but rendering it in popup is not happening.

Do I need to do anything onPopupOpen?

I was wrongly created router for popup.
after reading this I understood -

Now it is working fine.

path: “/popup/”,
component: PopupComponent,

path: “/popup/”,
popup: {
component: PopupComponent,