Photo browser not working

hi every body photo browser is not working at all…
i have created a brand new project with framework7 cli… vanilla js and photobrowser not working…
it works in browser but when you compile to android … it is not working at all

$on('pageAfterIn', () => {
    var myPhotoBrowserPopup = $f7.photoBrowser.create({
        photos: [
        type: 'popup'

this is browser

this is android

please help me iam on this since 2 weeks

Which method are you using to preview it in the browser? Is it a PWA or a Cordova/Capacitor app?

It is Cordova project… a brand new project created with f7 cli… I am using the lastest version of f7 and npm and node js

To preview i just run

  • npm run
    And open it in localhost:3000

I have try many times with différents pc . I still get the same bug… But no error in console

Check the Content Security Policy settings of your index.html file. It is possible that is being blocked because it is an external domain. Visit or Security Guide - Apache Cordova for more.

If you load local files (as opposed to URLs on the web) does it work?
I’m inclined to agree with @kerrydp that this is a CSP issue - if it loads locally that’s definitely the most likely cause.

If it doesn’t load local files, then there’s something else (also?) going on.

same problem. i have load files locally… it is working in browser but not on emulator or android device…
It is not a CORS issue…
I think it is f7 issue…
Please please can somebody just create a brand new project and try to test photobrowser ?


there is something wrong with paths, what is your files and projects structure?

all image locally are working fine.
it is photobrowser the problem…
it is not working whatever image is locally or in web…

EVERYTHING works fine in browser but when you compile to android it is not working anymore.


Look here