PHP, MYSQL, Framework7

Hello anybody used php+mysql+framework7

if anybody used above example pls tell how can I do ?

Use php+mysql as your backend api service. F7 is frontend.

Please give examples.

please give some examples.

examples userlogin , insert , edit, update like CRUD

u can use crud with $_GET, but $_GET not working to uploading file, but can change to link ,i use f7 with php mysql crud from my own script…haha

I use in all my projects php/mysql as backend
Here are some links that might help you

Using php as backend comes with some disadvantages, you have to use a lot of libraries for things needed in nowadays pwa,
The most important is the REST api, unlike usual php websites the concept of PWA is using html/js for rendering the client which will ask the backend for information.

Another helpful link:

Its a lib for simplifying database management imo really helpful but you dont need it.
Might be usefull for you, I never used sockets