Picker - capture the tap/click event on the selected value

Hello. An usability issue that I am quite often confronted with, and I believe my users will be as well. I am often catching myself scrolling the Picker values and then clicking/tapping again on a selected value to confirm my selection > run code and then close the picker. I am currently depending on onClose event (either via Done button) or away from the picker - the onChange won’t work because quite a bit of API data is being loaded after the selection.
Is there a way to capture the event on when the selected value is clicked/tapped? And what would be the best way to get this accomplished?

  on: {
    open:(p) => p.$el.once('click','.picker-item-selected',() => p.close())

Works like a charm. Thank you Deejay
(I want your skills :wink: