Picker in Popup

Can I use Inline Picker in Popup?
How can I do that?
For v1 & v2.

In the same way as in the usual page

Hello @nolimits4web,
When I am using the picker in page, it working fine, but when I try to use it using Popup, it gives me an error.
Please check the fiddle,

V1. Fiddle
V2. Fiddle

Please do the needful.

Yeah, in v2 it has a bit different styling so it need to recalculate its size when it becomes visible. It can be done like here: https://jsfiddle.net/umpcbfyv/

Dom7('.popup-picker').on('popup:open', () => {

Thank you for the update.
Can I use the same code for Framework V 1.6.5?