Picker On {close... not firing

I have a picker that works fine on the desktop but the on close event does not fire when run in the simulator or on device (iPad Pro). Code for picker:

function open_picker() {	
var pickerMapCentre = app.picker.create({
  inputEl: '#map-centre-picker',
  on: {close: function () {
	  mapCentrePickedUp = pickerMapCentre.getValue();
	  Cookies.set('mapCentrePicked', mapCentrePickedUp, {expire:10000000}); //save selected location for future use when opening map
  cols: [
      textAlign: 'left',
      values: ['Lechlade', 'Oxford', 'Benson', 'Reading', 'Maidenhead', 'Staines', 'Teddington', 'Westminster', 'Thames Barrier', 'Default']
  toolbarCloseText: 'Save',	//ensure user knows what will happen!!!

Any suggestions appreciated…

Try to put console.log() to see, it should work totally fine

Thanks for quick response - added console.log() but nothing reported…

Go to http://framework7.io/kitchen-sink/core/?theme=ios

Write in console:

const picker = app.picker.create({
  on: {
    close() {

Close picker by clicking on “Done” button.

You will see Close in console.

So there is some problem in your code

Done some more tests and problem is outside of picker - sorry to have bothered you…