Pickvote - the easiest way to make polls

Hey guys, I have been building a little Webapp in the last days and it’s finally in a stage of presentation. What is it bout? Just polls! Every wondered or annoyed about not being able to make a quick and simple poll while chatting in a group chat or on video conference?

pickvote is here to help. Its a simple Webapp where you can create a simple poll without any hassle of registration. Currently only anonymous polls are available check it out and leave me your feedback!

https://pickvote.web.app ← start page


hey guys, I have launched on ProductHunt, would you do me a favor and vote for me? :smiley:


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This looks cool but a switch is not the right component for the single/multiple choice picker. Switches are for turning one thing on/off and the label should never change, it should say what will happen when the switch is on.

What component would you suggest?

Agree with @easrng

@Momo I suggest to use Radio component

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