Plugin to read barcodes

Hello friends!
I am making an application in VueJs with Framework 7 and Apache Cordova. I would like to use a barcode reader but the one Cordova has apparently is discontinued, has anyone used a variant? I will thank you in advance for your support.

On mobile devices you have the barcode API which is native if (is a mobile device) on chrome is not yet supported.
So, it depends on browser support, but usually on chrome android it works very well no plugin need. Although you need to implement it.

See an example:

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Thanks my friend!!
I’ll try that because I don’t know, I don’t trust Cordova plugins much or are they good?

They are good, usually! I use them. Of course I don’t like to pollute cordova with plugins, only use the necessary. But sometimes there is no other way. You can always check the plugins ratings / stars on github.

But if your needs is mobile barcode for Android only then you can use the native way, like I suggested.