Popover auto-hide after click with API call - Svelte

Hello everyone, i’ve this popover in my code

<Popover class={"note_over-"+id}>
        <ListItem link on:click={()=>{
        }} popoverClose> <div><Icon material="edit_note"/> Edit</div></ListItem>
        <ListItem link on:click={delete_note} popoverClose>  <div><Icon material="delete"/> Delete</div></ListItem>
        <ListItem link popupOpen={".mod-note-"+id} popoverClose>  <div><Icon material="settings"/> modify</div></ListItem>
        <ListItem link popoverClose> <div><Icon material="close"/> Close</div></ListItem>

I use the response after receiving a promise from the function get_note_by_id. The code is working correctly elsewhere, but when I click on it, the popup disappears but stays visible on other objects on my page.

I don’t know how to solve this little bug, thanks to all of you :slight_smile:

can you send a screenshot?

you can try this! this closes a Popover! maybe you can add it to the function you call!

app.popover.close(el, animate)