Popup active implement on cordova ios on XCode

Hi, I have the problem with my implement on popup on ios device, when popup is active:
config I have this:

        <preference name="StatusBarOverlaysWebView" value="false" />
        <preference name="StatusBarBackgroundColor" value="#000000" />
<f7-button class="button" @click="addNote()" fill popup-open=".popupEditNote">Dodaj notatkę</f7-button>
            <f7-popup class="popupEditNote" :opened="popupNoteShow" @popup:closed="closePopup()">
                <f7-navbar :title="`Notatka ${popupNoteId}`">
                    <f7-link popup-close @click="saveNote(sessions[id-1].id, popupNoteId, popupNoteContent, popupId)" icon="fa fa-check"></f7-link>
                    <f7-link popup-close icon="fa fa-times"></f7-link>
                <f7-block class="popupWrapper">
                  <textarea v-model="popupNoteContent" placeholder="Twoja własna notatka"></textarea>

Please help me resolved this problem.

Make sure to set same parameters in statusbar parameters on app init https://framework7.io/docs/statusbar.html#statusbar-app-parameters

Hi, thank for response, but I think I have set good config.
Add this plugin cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard and is better, but if I click on focus my private note in popup status bar on hide, and I use scroll to up and have everything ok.

Below add I screen with my problem:

Посмотрите код в CLI - там проблемы с клавиатурой решены.

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Yes, create app with F7 CLI