Popup content not scrolling

I have a number of popups all with the same layout as shown below; none of them will scroll when the text overflows the viewport.

Before you go...

Be prepared before casting off

Preparations before sailing

  • Carry a mobile phone (no-one listens to the emergency VHF channel on the non-tidal Thames)
  • Take the one day Helmsman’s course
  • Ensure enough fuel and water on board for your trip
  • Do not store spare fuel containers in cabins or engine compartments
  • Carry a suitable number of fire extinguishers and a fire blanket near cooking facilities
  • Check your engine compartment fire extinguisher regularly (if fitted)
  • Check the weather forecast and river conditions before you set off
  • Carry a Man Overboard Kit (weighted line for throwing)
  • Verify your boat is ready for the water (fuel, mooring lines, anchor, fire suppression)
         <h4>Precautions whilst sailing</h4>
           <ul style="text-align:left">
            <li>If you smell gas or petrol: turn off everything, put out all naked flames, manoeuvre to the nearest bank, moor your vessel and evacuate – call for help</li>
            <li>Do not swim in the Thames</li>
            <li>Beware of strong water flows near weirs</li>
            <li>Watch out for floating debris</li>
            <li>Don’t use yourself or a pole to fend off from anything</li>
            <li>Never wrap a rope or line around any part of your body</li>
            <li>Use your engine not lines to bring your boat to a halt</li>    


Grateful for suggestions to resolve.

Because you don’t have page-content div like in pages

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Thanks for there prompt response and for the answer I needed!