Popup + Sheet Modal will crash toolbar (v4)

i use toolbar (toolbar-top , tabs-swipeable-wrap) like this:

when a popup opened ,and in popup page have sheet modal open
when sheet modal close , popup closed
toolbar is crash,can’t swipeable , and click toolbar item with error:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'modal.params.animate')
load() in framework7.bundle.js:7016

if popup don’t have sheet modal , it’s fine

Can you give more details, maybe related code, or better live example if possible


click my tab
click setup link
click open Setting Popup link

when popup open, click Open Sheet Modal link
then click other space to close Sheet modal
then click close popup link
then go back

then switch to home tab , the toolbar crash, and click toolbar item throw error.

Try to add “view-init” class to the View that is inside of Popup

It work , Thank you :joy: