Possible bug? Empty page navigating back with 2 views

F7 V5 with VUEJS

Ok following situation:
1 main view with 3 pages
1 popup that has a view with one page

Main view has preloadPreviousPage set to true

Main view and popup view have their own id’s

From home i go to page 2, from page 2 i go to page 3.

I go back to page 2, click on a button to open the popup. Close the popup and go back to the home.

Now the home content is empty :thinking:

I think the view navigation is not scoped as it should be and F7 thinks the popup close was a navigate back, so the previous page is set wrong.

The home page is not build again when you go back to page 2. When preloadPreviousPage is set to false this doesn’t happen of course because it always builds the page, but i want this set to true.