Possible issue with app parameters

Hi all,

I think I stumbled upon an issue with the app parameters but I’m not completely sure, I might be doing something wrong. I’ve created a test situation at code sandbox:

If you look at app.vue, you see I have added an event listener on the opened event of the popup component:

const params = {
  popup: {
    on: {
      opened: function () {
        console.log("Popup opened");

I added the same console log on ‘actions’ for the action sheet (removed in this snippet for brevity).

Clicking on the button ‘Open popup’ (or open action sheet), will not trigger the console log. However… Clicking the smart select DOES trigger the console log.

Am I doing something wrong with the definition of the popup or could this be an issue in the Framework?

Thanks in advance!


Do it like so zen-dhawan-fjxtiz - CodeSandbox

Thanks, works like a charm. :+1: