Potential Bug with Input Values?

When grabbing data from export default, I’m receiving an odd potential bug.

This is my console log shows the value I’m expecting…something like this:

user.address.state = “123 Main Street”;

However, when I use this value in the page it messes up and only shows “123” in the input.


When I use Developer Tools to view that element, I see that it outputs wrong:


Note: If I bring the value outside of the value="{{user.address.street}}" area, it will show correctly…the bug seems to occur inside of the input value.

{{escape user.adress.street}}

It looks like a bug in the T7 parser (it is not only related to Input): if you use the value inside a simple text it works. The problem is when you try to use it under “any” Dom Attribute. In that case, if the value has spaces you need to use a solution like shastox suggested (escape).

It is because of template minification, as it removes quotes around attribute. You can just disable it in Webpack config https://github.com/framework7io/framework7-loader/tree/16bd21207d7c1ff72b1c7539872c72788da2b36e#configuration

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