Practical multiple Views use cases

I have built a few apps using v1, and I have always used one single view under views.

So now I am curious if anyone has built an app with more than 1 view. What are the practical use or reason for more than 1 view?

I understand it can support a different navigation history, navigation bar, color scheme etc. So far, I have not found a use for this.

Do developers use another view for tablets?
Is a secondary view intended as the right/elegant way to handle different sized display and different orientation layout?

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I never used two views.
But here you have a template.
It’s responsive, so at a breakpoint the second view appears and its the left panel.


Or in case of Tabs-Views

Yeah, that’s why I was guessing whether the multiple “views” feature is designed to accomodate the tablet view (split-view) and phone view (single column), with the tablet showing the navigation drawer.