Preloader dialogs not being destroyed and prevent click/interaction with elements in Dom behind them

Framework7 vue

I am having this issue constantly: the preloaders dialogs are not correctly destroyed, and end up blocking dom elements “behind” them.
In this example we can not click anything behind them

I am using them natively

and then f7.dialog.close();

By the documentation, they are supossedly destroyed automatically, but doesn’t seem so.
I tried setting to true the ‘destroyPredefinedDialogs’ property in the dialog object at initialization, with no luck.

can not replicate it, you can even try it in Kitchen sink by calling in browser console:


and then


so it seems maybe you are doing something else with it?

you can also just


to remove element from DOM

This did it. I have to call it after closing it.

There is something else going on for sure, I doesn’t always happen. I think it’s when the async call is too fast, and the f7.dialog.preloader(‘message’) and f7.dialog.close() are called almost immediately