Prevent accordion-item to close when clicking on a list-button inside


Using framework7 V2, vue.js & webPack V2 :

I’ve got a button-list inside some accordion item, like this :

              <f7-accordion-toggle >first iitem A</f7-accordion-toggle>
                           <f7-list-button > A.a</f7-list-button>

When I’m clicking on a list-button element, the parent accordion-item is closing. This not happening if I put in the accordion-content a simple button.

Is this the normal behavior, and how to prevent it ?

It is a bug already fixed in dev, will be available in update by the end of the week

I just updated to framework 2.1.3 version and it’s persisting.
How to configure the composer.json to get the dev branch ?

"dependencies": {
   "framework7": "dev",

npm ERR! notarget No matching version found for [email protected]

Try to use just this:

<li><a href="#" class="list-button"> A.a</a></li>

instead of

<f7-list-button > A.a</f7-list-button>

I finally use some simple f7-link without list + custom css, but i’ll try this next time if need a accordion with button list (if still not solved in production branch) :slight_smile: