Problem using WKWebView plugin in Cordova

Hello F7 team,
Thanks for the awesome framework!
I am working in ios version of a Cordova app. Due to Apple now is requiring it, I have installed cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine but I had CORS problems in xhr call, so I have installed too cordova-plugin-wkwebview-file-xhr. Everything works well but back arrow in first level pages.
My main page has icons with links to level 1 pages and level 1 pages have links to second level pages.
If I go to a level 1 page and do click in back arrow, app goes to main menu but if I go to a second level page from level 1 page I can go back to level 1 page but I cannot go back from level 1 to main menu. This can be a little messy, sorry:
Main menu -> Level 1 page -> Main menu => OK
Main menu -> Level 1 page -> Level 2 page -> Level 1 page => OK
Main menu -> Level 1 page -> Level 2 page -> Level 1 page -> Main menu =>NOK (arrow back seems locked, no messages in dev tools)

The code of top bar in my pages is this:

<div class="navbar no-hairline no-shadow bg-color-tauste">
		<div class="navbar-inner">
			<div class="left">
				<a href="#" class="link back text-color-white">
					<i class="material-icons">arrow_back</i>
			<div class="title sliding text-color-white">{{#if}}{{}}{{else}}Noticia{{/if}}</div>				

I would appreciate very much your help. This is the only problem in the app, it worked perfectly with UIWebView and we now cannot submit to market.

Thanks in advance.

Migrate to [email protected] Cordova-ios 6.0.0 builds

I have migrated to [email protected] but now ajax calls are not working and neither back arrows in any level.

This is my config.xml:

My plugins list:
cordova-plugin-whitelist 1.3.4 “Whitelist”
cordova-plugin-youtube-video-player 2.4.0 “CordovaYoutubeVideoPlayer”
phonegap-plugin-push 2.3.0 “PushPlugin”

and my platforms list:
Installed platforms:
ios 6.0.0
Available platforms:
android ^8.0.0
browser ^6.0.0
electron ^1.0.0
osx ^5.0.0
windows ^7.0.0

Have I missed anything?

Many thanks for your help in advance.

Any errors in console?

For ajax calls:

Origin app://localhost is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

For back arrow, there aren´t messages but when I load a subpage I can see the following error in console:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘$("#header_main.sticky", “#header”).offset().top’)

Same code with UIWebView is working perfectly.

Thanks for your help.

You need to configure Access-Control-Allow-Origin header on server where you send requests.

It is on your side, there is no such elements by default in Framework7

Server is configured, in fact, is working perfectly with UIWebView.

I have no other framework or library than F7, but I am going to review the code in any case. Also it works perfectly if I do downgrade to [email protected] with UIWebView :frowning:

This message comes from your server

This is server header response:

It is allowing all origin. I dont´know where the problem is.

Hi @Esther_Gomez_Diaz did you find any solution to it.