Problem with --f7-page-toolbar-bottom-offset in iOS

I use F7 v5.7.14 in a Cordova App with the MD theme on iOS and Android. I faced a strange problem on iOS only. When i scroll to the bottom of a page and click on a link from a list, the page content jumps up a bit and i end up clicking on another link. For example:

I want to click on the “Anse de Pen-Hat” link:

When i click on the link, the page jumps up and i will redirect to the “Majanicho” page. When i come back to this page it looks like this:

The page was jumping up.

The solution is to change the padding-bottom from the page content from:

`padding-bottom: calc(var(--f7-page-toolbar-bottom-offset,0px) + var(--f7-safe-area-bottom) + var(--f7-page-content-extra-padding-bottom,0px));`


`padding-bottom: var(--f7-safe-area-bottom);`

i just want to let you know, there is something wrong with the MD theme on iOS.