Problems using documentation and examples

Hi there,

I’m new and mostly interested in the F7-vue edition.
Everybody is talking about v2 here - where do I get it? It seems when starting now, it’s a good idea to not confuse myself and starting with v1.

I think documentation is somehow mixed up:
I downloaded the Splitview example and tried to modify it alongside the documentation, but there are some things just not working as in the docs:

e.g. if I do:

new Framework7({
  panelleftBreakpoint: 800

nothing happens.

however if I do:

new Framework7({
  panel: {
     leftBreakpoint: 800

it works…

I haven’t found out how to stop animation of pages:
e.g. if I do:

new Framework7({
  "animatePages": false

simply does nothing

animate: {
  pages: false

doesn’t do anything either…

So what do I need to download, so I can learn/use Framework7-vue properly?


Hi @tiptronic

You can download V2 here

The v1 is here

The documentation of v2 is not available, they are working on it.

@tiptronic say:
I think documentation is somehow mixed up:

Documentation is not mixed up, the documentation published on the web is from v1.


Hi @DanielRiera,

thx for the clarification. That information explains a lot.

Is there an overview of what has changed, or - even a preliminary documentation? Currently I am in the situation, that I don’t know where (and how) to start:

  • using v1 and start a - soon to be changed - project?
  • using v2 and start a - somewhat undocumented - project?

Any hint or guidance appreciated!
I like the Framework7 a lot (especially combined with Vuejs), but right now I have no clues how to start…

thx a lot for your comments

Hi @tiptronic

@tiptronic say
a preliminary documentation?

No, no there a preliminary documentation as such.

You can use kitchen-sink, look here.

The documentation v2 should not take long to be available, but, i dont cant tell you a date exactly.

v2 version was released 15 days ago.

I cant not tell you for sure, if the v2 is compatible with Vue, maybe @nolimits4web knows more about this.


Hi @DanielRiera,

thanks for your kind help.

I will take a look at it and see how far I get…

A little docu would be tremendously helpful, but I will try without … :wink:


The current documentation is for such combination: F7 v1.x + F7-Vue v0.9.x
You can start with it and later switch to v2 when the docs will be released (hopefully by the end of December). If you use F7-Vue, switching to v2 won’t be too complex

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Thx @nolimits4web - I will need to get my head around ‘plain’ f7 anyway. So end of December is a good target date for me. This leaves me some time to learn the basics of F7 first…
Anyway - thank you both and thx @nolimits4web for the great framework!