Problems with expandable cards

we are having some problems with the interactions between expandable cards and some other components: FAB button, swipeable tabs and subnavbar.
Here’s the source code of the page in question: (on pastebin so that this thread doesn’t get too long).

Problem #1
We have an expandable card (with swipe-to-close set to true) inside some swipeable tabs.
When opened (expanded) fullscreen, the card still allows for the left/right swipe of the swipeable tabs.
Here’s a demo video:
Is it the expected behaviour?

Problem #2
The expandable card, when expanded, doesn’t hide the subnavbar, while it correctly hides the navbar.
Demo video:
We managed to hide it somehow, but we don’t know if it’s the expected behaviour…

Problem #3
The FAB button doesn’t get hidden when the card gets expanded.
Demo video:
Is it expected to be this way?

Thanks a lot!