Progressbar for Swiper

Hi! I am trying to use a Progressbar at the top of a swiper:

    <div slot="before-wrapper" style={{ padding: '10px', maxWidth: '410px', margin: '0 auto' }}>
      <Progressbar progress={???} />

How do I get the progress from the swiper?

Just use the one built in Swiper, check “progress pagination” demo

I am using react, so I tried

          pagination: {
            type: 'progressbar',

But that did not do much other than make an empty div of height and width of 0.

I tried adding a <div> myself and giving the class as an id pagination, but that didn’t make a difference.

nevermind, I took out pagination on the Swiper itself when I added it to the params. It needs both.

All good.