Pull-To-Refresh: Change behaviour based on Navbar included/absent

In my app I have a Navbar element, but it starts completely hidden (it is revealed programmatically depending on the scroll position).

I also have pull-to-refresh, but I’ve noticed that if you have a Navbar element in your code (even if it is not physically displayed) the arrow & preloader animations will behave as if the Navbar is showing. They’ll remain hidden, even though space is given to display them. For example, a pull-to-refresh will trigger the dropped vertical height for the preloader to show, but you won’t actually see the preloader unless you pull down again on the view during the refreshing action, where it is revealed behind some top margin.

If I remove the Navbar code entirely, then I can see the arrow and preloader icons as normal (although they do collide with the status bar, not having any top padding).

This leads me to my question: Can the arrow & preloader animations act as if there is no Navbar, even when Navbar code is in the DOM?