Pull To Refresh on iOS fail [V2]

Sorry for my bad English.

I have an app in tests that in to TAB loads a message system. When you do “pull to refresh” to load messages above, the messages are loaded well, but touch the screen remains blank. Check back if you change TAB. This only happens with iOS, with MD theme works ok.

Any suggestions that may be happening?

Thank you.

This video show the problem

This is an iOS rendering issue. Try to use WKWebView in your cordova app

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Thank you. I tried cordova-plugin-wkwebview and it has not been fixed.

Then there is something in messages layout that produce this bug. Try to remove different parts of messages and simplify layout as much as possible to know what elements cause this

Thank you very much Vladimir. I reduced the code as much as possible but it still did not work. Even trying several methods:

  • messages.addMessage(message, method, animate);


  • whrite html with javascript : document.getElementById(“chat”).innerHTML= “…”;

What I have done to get out of the way is to create a popup that warns that new messages have been loaded in the chat and in this way prevents the screen from turning blank when touch:

setTimeout(function(){ app.popup.close(’.popup-chat’);}, 500);

Thanks again.

There is also the problem, how to solve?
only IOS problem

F7-View Tab+List View Pull To Refresh .