Pull to Refresh page-content doesn't move

I want my page content to move as I pull down to refresh. Can you help me figure out why it doesn’t move? Thanks!

<div class="view view-main">
	<div class="page">
		<div class="navbar navbar-main">
			<div class="navbar-bg"></div>
			<div class="navbar-inner sliding">
				<div class="title">Testing Pull Down Refresh</div>
		<div class="page-content ptr-content" data-ptr-distance="55">
			<div class="ptr-preloader">
				<div class="preloader"></div>
				<div class="ptr-arrow"></div>
			<div class="block">
				I was expecting the page-content to slide down however this sentence doesn't move when performing a pull down.<br>

Live demo here

I’m using the latest v5.3 and testing on ios safari.

I just figured it out sorta! When I change the app theme to ios it works. I currently use md so it wasn’t working.

My app uses the md theme for all device types because we like how it looks. How can we get the page-content to move when using the md theme on ios devices? Thanks!

I temporarily changed the vars inside the PullToRefresh function with these values and it seems to have fixed the issue.

var isMaterial = app.device === 'android';
var isIos = app.device === 'ios';
var isAurora = app.device === 'desktop';

Yes, this is by design, it doesn’t move in MD theme, only “preloader” moves. This is how it should work according to Matrial Design guidelines