Purpose of framework7.json with respect to Vue+Cordova apps

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone could shine some light onto the purpose of framework7.json file. I’m using a Vue+Cordova setup and when using f7 CLI to install a plugin it only adds entries to package.json within cordova/ dir but never modified plugins:{} object within framework7.json. Just want to make sure the development process as intended by the framework rather than shooting myself into a foot by using it wrong.

  1. Is there a difference to using f7 cordova plugin add .... to doing the same within cordova/ dir cordova plugin add ...?
  2. What about adding removing platforms? Should I use f7 CLI of cordova CLI?
  3. Is it safe to modify cordova/config.xml, wondering if it could be overwritten by some f7 cli step.
  4. Use cases for when to modify framework7.json and to what effect?

Thanks in advance for any help!

No difference

No matter as there is no difference

Yes, it is safe

At the moment It is used only by f7 assets command to understand what platforms you have and what assets needs to be generated

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Lovely. Thanks @nolimits4web!