pushState and Master-detail problem


How can I get $route.query detailRoutes in routes?
If i follow the path ‘my/detail/?param=1’ i get indefinite param in ‘/my/overview/?param=1’.
I used this in web project.

For example:

const mainView = app.views.create('.view-main', {
  // enable master detail
  masterDetailBreakpoint: 800,
  routes: [
      path: '/my/overview/?param=1',
      componentUrl: './pages/master.html',
      // specify home route as master route
      master: true,
      // detail routes
      detailRoutes: [
          path: 'my/detail/?param=1',
          componentUrl: './pages/detail.html',

Didn’t really get what is the issue and what you are trying to achieve? Also it is not a common practise to have query params in route path, i will recommend to remove it from there