PWA caching old version of app

I have created a PWA app that is installed on the webserver and people access on their phones. Quite often they will also add an icon on their phone to “install” it. Now when I release an update they always get the old version, how can I force it to download the latest version?

In a normal web app I would have some kind of versioning on the assets, ?v=2

Did you figure how to do it?

I recently made some minor changes to my PWA.
I have previously added it to Home Screen on my android phone, iPad, and iPhone (cell only). I made a dummy “version” variable in service-worker.js and changed the version number, in essence modifying the .js file. The cached android Home Screen app updated itself first, the iPad on WiFi within 10 minutes, and the iPhone didn’t update itself until the next day.
I think there’s some preset timing on when the cache expires that’s different between android and iOS, and also whether the device is on WiFi or not.