PWA to slow to load the site

I made a PWA with Framework CLI.
In localhost works fine, but when I upload to the hosting it takes a long time to load the first time.
I uploaded the whole folder "www"

This is the demo: link


What server are you hosting your site on? And, is it pulling data from a database?

Some shared hosting services won’t run in an always-on mode. This means that you’ll have to wait for the server to start when the first page request is made. This process takes even longer if you’re reading an SQL database. Most shared hosting providers will offer an always-on option at a higher pricepoint.

Hello, thanks for the answer.
It’s a basic shared hosting and for now, I’m not in any database because it’s just a test, it’s static content.
But I was very surprised that it took so long to load, so before continuing I wanted to consult.

I’m going to find out about hosting, but I don’t think I have the always-on option